Tailor-made solutions

Legal services that fit your situation perfectly, meeting your own specific challenges, while always adopting a measured approach.

Welcome to Our Boutique!

Sarrazin+Plourde is a boutique law firm focused on developing tailor-made solutions to solve the legal problem or issues of its clients by joining forces with them. Our clients are presented with all available options, and the various solutions are assessed according to both needs and expected outcome.

Meet the Team...

Marie-Claude Sarrazin

Lawyer / Partner

Nicolas Plourde, Ad. E.

Lawyer / Partner

Sophie Gratton, Ph. D.

Lawyer / Partner

Éric McDevitt David

Lawyer / Partner

Antoine Martin


François Le Moine


Julia Pomeroy


Jessica Pilote-Boissé


Clara Fabre


Alexandra Haiduc


Laura Geyer


Mia Elias


Our Team

Innovative Solutions

Leveraging our team’s expertise, our services focus on the added value we can provide. Our counsel is sought after for the innovative solutions we offer and the strategies we develop.

Proportionality of Means

We guide our clients through the entire process with a commitment to excellence, rigour and proportionality of means to ensure we remain within budget. Keeping costs under control is a top priority for us, as they tend to add up quickly if the issue is not addressed as soon as a case is opened and if costs are not monitored each step of the way.


We appreciate the confidence other firms place in us by referring cases they cannot handle, in particular due to conflicts of interest. Our firm serves referred clients on such occasions with the same commitment to excellence as the referring firm, taking care to return them to the referring firm once the case is complete.