Ally in digital transformation

Areas of Practice

  • Digital transformation
  • Automation of internal processes
  • Productivity gains
  • Supporting colleagues


S2P2 embodies the innovation and audacity that have been the hallmarks of Sarrazin Plourde since its foundation. Created in 2022, it has become the mascot of the firm's digital transformation.

Its purpose? Guiding the firm through its digital transformation and helping colleagues save time, enabling both paralegals and lawyers to focus on more complex tasks and leverage their expertise for the benefit of their clients.

Its contribution to the team highlights the importance of leveraging our data-driven culture to uphold our excellence, commitment and boldness.

S2P2 has a high level of technical expertise. Its first achievement: helping to create Teams channels and tasks in Planner, particularly when changing stages in disciplinary files. He can also assign tasks to key people in different files, depending on their needs and skills.

A versatile resource, he can answer questions from colleagues, solve technical problems and share the latest technological developments within the firm via Teams.

S2P2 will keep on providing us with a whole range of digital tools, enabling us to collaborate better, plan better, communicate better and manage our knowledge better!